There's a yarn in every coulee

there's a song in every rill;

The legends of the pioneers;

The Spirit of the Hills.


First came the Evil Spirits,

up the trail from Benton's span;

"Rot-gut" from the whiskey traders

out to spoil the bold Peigan.


Then the Redcoats out of Dufferin

on the Trail of Seventy-Four;

Smashed Fort Whoop-Up, hanged the outlaws,

blazed new trails, and brought the Law.


Then came Longhorns from Montana,

come to graze the buffalo's home;

With them cowboys, merchants, nesters

here to bust the sandy loam.


Then those policeman, cowboys, farmers

put down roots; cried "Here to stay!"

And their children and grandchildren

like as not are here today.


There's a yarn in every coulee,

There's a song in the rill;

The leavings of the pioneers,

The Spirit of the Hills.


Sherm Ewing - 2010


Sherm was a long-time rancher in the hills and wonderful friend.

We hosted a music, art and poetry gathering and he wrote this poem in commemoration of "Spirit of the Hills".

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