Gerard's Lobster


agriculture, aquaculture, food culture

they all speak to my heart

gerard took the time

for a session of lobster fishing 101

couldn't go out to sea

too rough

soft maritime accent, twinkle in his eye

and infinite patience with two land lubbers

from alberta

did ya' know?

lobsters are harvested when

7 or 8 years old

weigh about 3/4's of a lb.

as with all food commodities

you get more money the

prettier they are...

gotta change that standard

price this year

has not been set by buyer

so they're

fishing "in the dark"

should be set in advance methinks

gerard on board the muriel sea

for 20 years with wife muriel

now a hired hand helps

check 300 traps daily

except sunday

a fisherman's agreed upon day of rest and repair

for body, soul and boat

know it's not politically correct

to use term fisherman

but i'd be proud to be called one

each fisherman has a designated area of the seas

by gentlemen's agreement and

grandfathered in

held by honour but can come to fist-a-cuffs if there's

a miscreant on the water

at start of season

traps baited with herring

set three miles out

very deep

as water warms

lobster crawl

to shallower water

long trek for those short little claws

lobster season in east pei seas is

may and june

july is when

all the little lobsters are born

other fish on the shoulder season

late spring and rough seas

have shortened the

season already

fisherman remind me of ranchers and farmers

it will be better next year

they've been saying that for more than few years now

boats range from $75,000 to quarter million

takes a lot of lobster and other fishes

to get a return

new diesel engine $60,000

investment in latest computer technology

on board keeps them competitive

on-going maintenance during season

and in the winter

gerard educated in biology but the call of

the sea brought him home

he's a voice and an advocate

for the fisherman and his community

his quiet, gentle manner reminds me in many

ways of my rancher dad

fishing days start at 3 am

to get a head start on the winds

that roll off the sea

as the land warms up

a following sea brings them in

safely and has for years

another heroe by my measure

living an honourable life

fishing sustainably and

helping to keep intact

the glue that

melds a community

artisanal fishing maintains the seas

industrial style corporately owned

fishing is raping and decimating

our seas

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