Wild Blueberry Fields Forever

day one

slow food national meeting

tatamagouche, nova scotia,

love the word

it slides off tongue so easily

business, business, business

all translated seamlessly by jocelyne

satisfying linguistic needs

from gulf islands to

far french settlements

of quebec,

with conviviums the size of france

fun, fun, fun,

visiting sugarmoon maple farm

savouring seasonal sap distillations to syrup,

who knew the first sap "boil off" was light and mellow

and the last dark and thick like molasses?

wild blueberry fields with nuances of

rose, ochre, sand and eggplant tones

truly a visual and gastronomic gift from

mother nature all stewarded by

third generation farmer angus bonnyman

certified bio-dynamic farm

lots of good, clean, fair philosophy

laced with a little witchcraft and perhaps

even voodoo what with buried cow horns

and deer bladders...or not

dinner by the sea at wallace

first taste of lobster

jigging at the local kitchen party

in community hall

east coast award winning threesome

rocked the hall and the walls

"ten strings and a goatskin"

love the bodhran - haunting, potent, soothing

the rhythm in sync with the heart

thanked the bus driver for

being the dedicated driver when

we arrived he instructed me to go and

"fall on my face"

didn't but love the saying!

sensory pleasure from beginning to end

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