Lobster and Crocuses, anyone?

Lots more to come on our new and improved site!

garlic is peeking through

grass turning the greenest green

crocus blooming in abundance

I am off to the Slow Food National Conference

in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

we’ll tour the island after the meetings

looking forward to the freshest of lobster

‘tis the season you know

will visit Al Picketts of Eureka Garlic

and other farms on PEI

as well as long-time friend Joan

in her new oceanside digs

when I return, new photos will go

up on the site

tasty new recipes

and just news in general

looking forward to this season

with renewed enthusiasm

God willing and the

“crik” don’t rise we’ll have

a bumper crop.

the “crik” not rising and

overflowing its banks is the

important part…….

Talk to ya soon

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