Naturally Grown Garlic from the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains


Located at the base of the picturesque Porcupine Hills in Southern Alberta ranching country, New Oxley Garlic is produced in the best possible growing "terroir" for Alberta garlic - fertile soil, ample water, and lots of long sunny days throughout the summer. 


New Oxley Garlic is planted, weeded and harvested by hand. It is then cured and cleaned to ensure the freshness of the cloves as long as possible in the correct storing conditions. Always keep your garlic in a cool, dry, and dark place. 


Our homegrown, natural garlic is powerful stuff! A little goes a long way...once you've used fresh, locally grown garlic, we guarantee you'll have trouble going back to garlic shipped in from California or China - or heaven forbid, the jarred or granulated varieties.


Whether you're a tried and true garlic fanatic or just begining to dabble in the culinary arts, New Oxley Garlic will add that extra special zing to whatever dish you're creating, naturally! 




Box 3226, Claresholm, Alberta, T0L 0T0

Phone: 1 403 625 5270

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